Frequently Asked Questions?
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Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions?

Thought I would add some general information about my bird tiles or some frequently asked questions…

How do I hang my bird?

All birds have a backing block with mirror plate. You will not need to drill screws into the wall in order to secure the bird, I have used two small nails to hang even the larger birds and they have been up for years.

Each bird is mounted on a backing block to make it stand proud from the wall

What if I want to hang my bird outside?

All birds created after December 2015 should be fine to hang outside. The backing block is suitable for the outdoors. The mirror plates however may need a coat of clear varnish to protect them. The block is less than 2cm thick so doesn’t protrude to much.

Each bird is mounted on a backing block

Are the birds heavy?

No, the smaller birds weigh around 350g and and the larger birds around 700g, they are actually a lot thinner and lighter than you might think.

Each bird is around a centimeter thick

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